Financial forecast, cash flows and projections

With much of the world now on its way to economic recovery and rising property values in many cities prompting developers to get back into full swing, there are attractive returns to be made by investors, developers and fund managers who can identify the right opportunities and manage the risks.

Financial modelling is now more than ever a key component and requirement of this process and greatly increases the chances of success. Therefore, it has become increasingly essential for real estate professionals to develop the skills to understand and create automated financial models that can both distribute revenues and costs across a cashflow in a predefined manner and manage often complex financing structures to obtain projected returns and sensitivities based on several different variables.

We offer the following services.

Financial plans

  • Financial Projections
  • Financial statements
  • Key Financial analysis for investor
  • Projected Balance sheet
  • Projected Profit or Loss account
  • Projected cash flows
  • Break even analysis
  • Valuation of business

Financial Statements

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit or Loss
  • Cash flows
  • Key financial analysis

Costing and Budgeting

  • Management accounts
  • Variance analysis
  • Marginal and absorption costing
  • Break even analysis

Investment Appraisals

  • Investment appraisals using NPV and IRR
  • Payback period
  • Investor return