Electrical, plumbing and HVAC blueprint design

We are serving a high quality service to draw and design Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Designs for Permit.

service includes;

1- Draw floor plan / blueprint from old drawing or hand sketch

2- put lighting fixture on plan

3- put electrical outlet on plan

4- put wiring for Lighting and Receptacles

5- Data & Telecommunication system

6- Plumbing plans (water supply and drainage system with legends and pipe size)

7- draw inspection chambers and gully traps.

8- HVAC design (Heating or Cooling System)

In case you need extra detail drawings like;

1. HVAC HAP Calculations

2. Electrical single line diagrams or DB’s Schedules.

3. Ceiling or wall outlets Coordination drawings

4. Plumbing Riser diagrams or isometric drawings.

5. Fire Escape Design.

6. Fire sprinklers system Design.

7. Cable tray


Please contact before ordering.